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The Tie

- In Ancient times a tie signified title and/or wealth
- 1750 – 1850 The industrial revolution spread ties to the masses
- 1920’s Jesse Langsdorf an American tailor created the modern tie, colours and prints were more widespread – 1950’s ties were still colourful yet more restrained than the previous decade
- 1960’s ‘The kipper’ was introduced designed by Michael Fish
- 1970’s Ralph Lauren launched the 4 inch wide (10cm) tie, a trend followed worldwide ‘The Power Tie’
- 1980’s narrow ties were the trend
- 1990’s tie sales declined, after the dotcom boom took hold along with business casual
- 2000 brighter and more colourful patterns and designs were worn, inspired by designers such as Gianni Versace – Present day ties are more restrained than the previous decade, some commentators sighting the austere economy as the same reason

‘ A Well tied tie is the first serious step in life’ – Oscar Wilde

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